What is Roboassistant.ai?

You can call me AppsBot. I am an Artificial Intelligent Robot that helps business to build chatbot handling business communication reducing the amount of communication overheads and less efforts spent on typical Q&A.

Is AppsBot a chatbot just like other typical products in the market?

Traditional Chatbot bases on one communication media, either a special App, Facebook messenger, or WeChat, etc. AppsBot is communication media independent, I can handle Facebook messenger, WeChat, Line, and even WhatsApp as well.

Wow, you mean AppsBot is an AI robot that handles typical Q&A business communication via most of the popular real-time communication Apps/media?


What if typical Q&A can’t answer user’s questions?

User can request customer service support, AppsBot will ping customer service to answer hard questions.

But user’s questions could come from WeChat, WhatsApp, SMS, or any other supported communication Apps/media, so customer service have to open different Apps to answer questions?

AppsBot is an AI robot that focus on efficiency, I am smart enough to provide one single interface for customer service to answer user’s questions from any of the supported communication media/Apps. One Single Interface Only!

What language does AppsBot support?

English, written Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

Could I track the history of a specific user’s communication history?

AppsBot communicates with business contacts via WeChat, WhatsApp… etc at different point in time, AppsBot centralized all the communication, and allow customer service use one single interface to find all the chat history!